AG100 Sidestream AG Module
Category: Anaesthesia Gas Sensor  Publish Time: 2017-06-01 14:20 
AG100 Sidestream AG Module The AG100 series sidestream anaesthesia gas module is the ideal anesthesia solution for your patient monitoring system. AG100 can show an accurate gas concentration with all respiration rates up to 150 bpm. AG100 is for use on adult, pediatric and infant patients; patients undergoing procedural sedation; and short- term monitoring of intubated patients.
AG100 Sidestream AG Module

Product Features


NDIR technology

CO2, N2O and anesthesia multigas monitoring

Low power consumption less than 2W

Fully compatible with PHASEIN’s protocal

Fast warmup time ensures full accuracy within 2 minutes

Sample rate low to 100 mL/min

Barometer pressure and temperature compensation

Real-time and continuous measurement of gas concentrations and respiratory rate

Measurement Accurancy

Gas Type            




0 - 10%               

±(0.2 vol% +2% of reading)                          

10 -15%                               

± (0.3 vol% +2% of reading)


0 - 100%          

± (2vol% +2% of reading)


0 - 6%

± (0.2vol% +2% of reading)


0 - 6%                

± (0.2vol% +2% of reading)


0 - 8%                

± (0.2vol% +2% of reading)


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